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Corona Babble

Corona Babble. Not Babble as in B-A-B-B-L-E, rather B-A-B-E-L as in the Tower of Babel (or ba-bel if you prefer Webster’s alternate pronunciation).Could the corona-virus...

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One More Chapter Closes...

My time as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of has come to an end though the business will continue with gusto.

What started five years ago as a simple consulting favor to my colleague Linda Blazy, turned into a full time gig, building and developing a team of employees and partners, whom together, successfully launched and grew into the world's largest Faith, Family, and Fun streaming video service with a vision to influence culture for Christ through media.

Besides building and streaming a catalog of more than 10,000 videos to all sorts of Internet connected devices, bringing entertainment and faith-based teaching to people and families everywhere without the language, sex, and violence that has become so prominent in so much of today’s media entertainment, also helped fund families ready to adopt babies via Adopt Together, supported Veterans programs across the USA via Reboot Combat Recovery, and devoted a portion of each month's marketing budget to helping fund many other organizations and people capable of doing good in our world.

To be able to deploy hard-earned, secular-world, business building skills to serve the faith and do good in the world at the same time, was a most unusual reality for me given how the secular world had for years taught me to totally eliminate “faith” from my business thinking. Instead, proved to me that marrying a faith-forward-focus with hard-nosed business and data-driven skill sets, could work and thrive in a manner that the secular world would be astounded by. That’s a lesson I’m very thankful to have learned!

There are a few key team members whom I wish to sincerely and personally thank for their efforts over the years:

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A Most Beautiful Church

When traveling, I've always enjoyed the majesty and mystery of the many churches built throughout history; soaring arches and ceilings, carefully considered lighting in sync with seasonal rhythms, and the various carvings, stained-glass windows, and statuesque tributes.

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