Rethink What You Thought You Knew

This review is from: Taming the Violence of Faith: Win-Win Solutions for Our World in Crisis by Jay Stuart Snelson (Paperback)
The business world is full of win-win strategy talkers. This however, is not a book of talk, rather one that paints the clear need for swift action within the business world and beyond, to cut to the heart of activating win-win approaches for all to pursue.
The term "win-win" is used as a matter of course in many a business meeting, even though most business deals end up as win-lose arrangements whereby the acquirer reigns supreme over the acquired. As such, it seems we could all benefit from understanding anew what win-win really means.
TTVOFIn "Taming the Violence of Faith", Jay Stuart Snelson walks you through the futility of our historical and nearly default mindset of win-lose, in such a way that the true destructive nature of win-lose approaches become totally apparent. Jay uses numerous examples from religious and nation state history to mine an extensive set of win-lose examples, in a way that will have you rethinking things you thought you knew, or recalling times when you underestimated the negative impact of a win-lose approach to life.
In doing so, the true value of win-win rises to the surface as never before. By the way, Jay's prescription for practicing win-win is as simple as The Golden Rule itself - another phrase we all know well, but rarely practice based on abundant evidence in the real world.
Understanding the value and need for embracing win-win strategies, not just tactically, but as the required way to save us from our current destructive habits, is the reader's reward. Jay's clear writing on the subject will leave you feeling the need for urgency in spreading the value of the win-win approach far and wide.

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